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CHOMA, an initiative of HIVSA, is an interactive digital magazine primarily for young women and girls throughout South Africa. This dynamic platform adapts to the changing adolescent landscape and offers polls, Ask CHOMA (where users can ask for guidance), quizzes, surveys, and a monthly newsletter.

CHOMA engages with youth through both fun and serious subject matters, but with the overall vision of connecting to young females, inspiring healthier, well-informed life choices, and contributing towards the next HIV-free generation in South Africa.

CHOMA is designed as a best friend, a big sister, a person young people can trust, confide in, relate to, and receive credible information and advice on a variety of topics such as HIV prevention, gender-based violence, health, love & relationships, sex and pregnancy, lifestyle, fashion & beauty, and entertainment and more. 

Soweto, Gauteng
Choma Magazine, a cool, youth-friendly online initiative by HIVSA and funded by Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, offers a wide variety of informative articles about sex and pregnancy, love and relationships, inspiration, general health and fashion and beauty.