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Brave Rock Girl

Brave Rock Girl is a grassroots organization that uses the expertise and experience of young women to drive action and programming. Based in Manenburg, one of the most dangerous townships in South Africa, the organization is in the process of becoming fully youth-led.

BRAVE workshops are youth-driven and aim to create a supportive environment for girls and young women in Manenburg to thrive and grow into leaders. 

Senior leaders train girls and other young women to tell their own stories through journalism and photography/film, acquire practical skills for overall health and wellbeing, and build community networks among their peers and with adults. 

It is through these efforts that they are able to access education, health care, economic empowerment, self-confidence, and safety

The primary goal is to create safe spaces for young women ages 10–19 living in the underserved community of Manenburg so they can become educated, resilient, and engaged female leaders in their communities, schools, and their own lives. 

Manenberg, Western Cape
Eighteen girls from South Africa, the United States, and Tanzania participated in the 2018 BRAVE Road Trip to South Africa and the US thanks to the generous support of the United States Consulate in Cape Town and our BRAVE friends and supporters.