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“CTAOP walks with us where WE are – 
not where THEY are.”

~ CTAOP Program Partner

We support transformative, locally-led change by partnering with community-based organizations that support young people, their sexual and reproductive health and rights, and gender-based violence prevention.

The long-term partnerships we develop are based on mutual respect and trust. This approach plays an integral role in our work, as does the power of sharing stories, convening, and a commitment to continuous learning. Since those closest to the issues are the ones who are best suited to create transformative and sustainable change, we support community catalysts. Our support is responsive, driven by what our Partners say are the greatest needs.

We seek relationships with organizations across sectors – private, public, and nonprofit – to leverage our strength in numbers and mobilize more resources to support local solutions.

“Real lasting change comes from the communities themselves.”

~ Charlize Theron

Supporting community-driven change


Providing flexible, multi-year grants to community-based and community-engaged organizations that support local solutions.

Capacity Strengthening and Accompaniment

Mobilizing our unique resources, experience, and diverse relationships to support the work, strengthen the capacity, and respond to the needs of our Program Partners.


Connecting community voices with decision-makers, funders, and policy makers. Amplifying the voices of young people and CBOs.

Youth Leaders Scholarship

Supporting the next generation of changemakers through full-cost scholarships and leadership development for youth served by Program Partners.

Making an impact

Over3.7M young people reached by programs supported by CTAOP

Over$10M in grants awarded

Over75% of current Program Partners receive flexible, multi‑year grants

Youth activists from the Department of Social Responsibility educate young people on their sexual and reproductive health and rights.