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MTV Staying Alive Foundation

MTV Shuga, a multi-award-winning African TV drama, is an HIV prevention and SRHR international mass media behavior change campaign, complemented by grassroots work led by youth in communities. 

With its focus on sexual and reproductive health, as well as covering essential topics such as mental health, gender-based violence, and LGBT+ issues, MTV Shuga content enables young people to make safer choices. 

In the MTV Shuga Peer Education Program, young people are trained as sexual health educators, who then go into their communities and use MTV Shuga as a jumping-off point to start dialogues around tough issues that adolescents can explore, learn from, and ultimately make informed decisions about their sexual health and well-being. 

CTAOP Program Partners dlalanathi and Department of Social Responsibility are currently implementing this initiative through their partnership with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation.

Johannesburg, South Africa
MTV Shuga peer educators are an integral part of the MTV Shuga campaign—sharing knowledge and educating their peers on the key messages shown in the show.