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Message from Charlize

Sometimes it feels like problems in our world are so large that they cannot be solved, but I want to tell you that each of us has a part to play in making a difference.

 As a native of South Africa and a UN Messenger of Peace, I have seen firsthand the devastation HIV and AIDS have inflicted throughout sub-Saharan Africa. I founded CTAOP to help shed light on the magnitude of the problem and support the efforts of African communities to battle a disease that continues to kill millions each year.

 When young people anywhere are threatened, our future is threatened. The youth of Africa are particularly at risk. If Africa is ever to free itself from the stranglehold of the HIV epidemic, it’s critical that we support efforts to prevent HIV among its youth.

 In Zulu, there’s a word, “Ubuntu,” which translated means, “I am because we are.” It’s the idea that to be human is to be interconnected with one another. As we are united, I believe we all have a responsibility to help each other. Together, standing in solidarity with those on the front lines in Africa, we can make a difference.

 In the spirit of Ubuntu, please join me in supporting CTAOP’s efforts to help keep African youth safe from HIV and AIDS and assure a better future, not just for Africa, but for all of us.

 I invite you to learn more about the great work we support. Follow us on twitter and facebook, share knowledge and see how you can be a part of the solution.

 With gratitude,